Workshops, Lectures & Panels


Lectures and workshops – live or online – can help raise awareness, inspire new perspectives, spark change and encourage people to become active in shaping the future.

Who are they for?

University students, teachers, high school students, politicians, teens and educators, everyone interested in creating a future with more equality.


  • Our nets help raise awareness of existing inequalities and start the conversations we need to create change.
  • Our aim is to counter negative connotations and prejudices around 'feminism' and reframe the term with empathy and humor.
  • We bring abstract concepts like gender equality and diversity closer to people by using clear language and positive attitudes.

Workshop program

Part 1: Visual presentation (approx. 40 Minuten, incl. Q&A)

Based on our SOLANGE nets, I explore general feminist issues and the struggle for equality.

Part 2: Creative session

Workshop participants come up with their own personal AS LONG AS sentence, design and photograph it and have the chance to publicly share their image on our Instagram account @solange_theproject.

Part 3: Reflection, group discussion on the new AS LONG AS sentences.




Workshop bei Design Desaster, Universität Bozen

Workshop bei der Konferenz: Design Desaster der Universität Bozen



Vortrag und Einladung zur Textgestaltung, Universität zu Köln

Come join us in spreading equality! Die Universität zu Köln holt im Sommer 2022 das Kunstprojekt „SOLANGE“ auf den Campus.
Einladung zum Vortrag über die Hintergründe von SOLANGE und zur Textgestaltung.
Dauer: 11-12 Uhr


“Das Patriarchat verlernen”

Referat für Gender und Gleichstellung Augsburg


“Kulturmontag zum Weltfrauentag”

Renner Institut Tirol: Gespräch gemeinsam mit Musikerin und Poetry Slamerin Yasmo