October 2023

LET’S GO EQUAL - The Solange Project

The desire to complement the temporary nature of SOLANGE’s large-format public installations with the more permanent form of a book turned into an intensive period of research and documentation. The result: 424 pages of stories and images featuring all 28 SOLANGE artworks publicly installed in seven countries in the last five years. In addition to an in-depth interview with the project’s initiator and artist Katharina Cibulka on the genesis and vision behind the feminist artwork, contributions from experts (including political scientist Nikita Dhawan, sociologist/critical masculinity researcher Paul Scheibelhofer and art historian Nina Schedlmayer) and public reactions round off this informative book. “Let’s go equal” is both an art catalog and inspiring volume that offers a unique behind-the-scaffolding view of the project.

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Contributions by N. Dhawan, I. Gebetsroither, N. Schedlmayer, P. Scheibelhofer, H. Shambroom, A. Wieser and the SOLANGE team

Text: German / English
424 pages, 270 illustrations in colour
20 × 27 cm, hardcover

ISBN: 978-3-7774-4239-6


From the preface by art historian Ines Gebetsroither:

“In a reverse turn, SOLANGE magnifies the delicate cross-stitch, which is distinctly considered feminine, and gives it colossal dimensions which make cathedrals, universities, exhibition halls, a royal museum, etc. seem “small” in comparison. One could also say: it puts them in their place. In this respect, the project is extremely political, although (or: because) it always seeks consent from the people whose space it enters, who come across it in their city; but without being afraid of confrontation and dissent.”